Fire Brand Has 100 Crores Debt!

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Jagga Reddy, one of the Telangana Fire Brands known for his sensational comments revealed shocking news about himself. "People think that I have a lot of assets, but the reality is that I have a debt of 100 crores. I get loans from activists and leaders and I will do all the political and service programs with the money I get from them,'' added Jagga Reddy.

Jaggara Reddy, who is a Congress MLA, often makes sensational comments about the Chief Minister KCR. Once he was a close friend of KCR and later he came out of the TRS party.

Since then he gained image by making comments against KCR. Recent news came out claiming that Jagga Reddy might join the TRS party. While denying that news he made some interesting comments.''I am ready to do anything for the public of Sangareddy who elected me, even to bow down before KCR," said Jagga Reddy.

To say that his statements are not wrong he held a meeting and made the leaders who gave him loans by themselves, which have created interest in the political circles. I have spent 1.5 crores for the Dussehra festival. We have to admit the fact that Jagga Reddy has a strong heart to help others in spite of having a huge debt.
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