I am with NCP, Sharad Pawar is my Leader: Dhananjay Munde

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There is a popular saying in politics 'No one is a permanent friend and enemy in politics'. The ongoing political scenario proves this true. After so many twists and turns in Maharashtra Ajit Pawar ditched the NCP and Sharad Pawar and supported the BJP party.

Interestingly, Dhananjay Munde who represents the Parli constituency was also present when Ajit Pawar who sworn in as Deputy CM of Maharashtra. During this, he said that he is with NCP chief Sharad and he will be their leader. This has created havoc in the BJP leaders.

It has been reported that Munde made it clear though he was present at this swearing ceremony he is an NCP leader and Sharad will be his leader. His Tweet has cleared the air of him supporting the saffron party.

"I am with party, I am with Pawar saheb. Please don't spread rumours," read Munde's Tweet.
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