I Won't Spare Varma: Lawyer Devi Babu

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Attempts made by Ram Gopal Varma to hold a press conference at the NTR Circle in Vijayawada on Sunday was foiled by the Cops. Police not only took him into custody but also shifted him to the Gannavaram Airport saying he can't stay in Vijayawada due to Law & Order issue.

Ram Gopal Varma made a hue & cry over the treatment meted out to him. He opined Cops had treated him like a biggest criminal ever just for tellling all the backstabbing truths behind Lakshmi's NTR. 'This is the state of affairs in AP. Jai TDP Democracy,' he wrote.

YSR Congress Party Leaders came in support of the controversial flick. They questioned the Cops on what basis Varma was arrested and permission was denied for the press meet.

This is when Lawyer Devi Babu Chowdary made an entry to offer a strong retort. He pledged not to spare Varma who tried to spread hatred among people. 'I am a devotee of Chandrababu Naidu but the TDP Supremo isn't behind my fight against RGV. It's because of Me, Cops had arrested Varma Today. I had complained to West Godavari SP, DIG and even DGP against RGV,' he informed.