I Will Temporarily Close My Travel Business; JC Diwakar Reddy

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Ex-MP, Owner of JC travels made some serious allegations against AP CM Jagan and his party. He said that Jagan is constantly harassing him and trying to stop his travel business.

He also said that the AP government is showing partiality for some travels and he is facing non-cooperation from the government.

Unable to bear the torture, he said that he will stop his travel business temporarily.

According to JC, he is trying to file cases for seizing his buses, but the officials are not ready to register his complaint. Reportedly, the officials are facing pressure from above.

Indirectly, mentioning about Jagan, he said that power is not permanent and those who are in power should keep that in mind. Talking about Vamshi and Sujana Chowdary changing parties, JC said there is no need to change the party because of the harassment from one party. "Politicians should fight and get ready to spend a few days in jail if needed," said JC.
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