I Like Chiru Films But Wont Do Them: Varun Tej

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Varun Tej claimed Chiranjeevi was his inspiration behind doing the role rnof Gaddalakonda Ganesh. 'I liked the story of Gaddalakonda Ganesh so rnmuch but few Well-Wishers cautioned Me not to attempt negative role. rnWhen I was in a dilemma, Myself and Harish Shankar met Chiranjeevi garu.rn Megastar who have vast experience was thrilled while listening to the rnsubject and he encouraged us to go ahead. After watching the flick, He rnappreciated us saying 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh' has shaped up far better rnthan what he had envisioned upon listening to the story. I had been partrn of successful films in the past but never been before I received such rngood name. People have been calling me Gaddalakonda Ganesh wherever I rngo. Never expected movie buffs to like my character so much. After the rnnarration of the subject, Both Me and Harish Shankar used to discuss 8 rnhours daily about the character for a period of 3 months. We have faced rnmany hardships during the making. Today, So much love is being showered rnon us by the people,' he said.

Mega Prince seems to have rnbacktracked on his previous statement expressing his willingness to do rnChiranjeevi biopic if Ram Charan wasn't interested in taking up the rnproject. He told, 'I love watching the films of Chiranjeevi garu. I rnwon't dare to remake those movies. Eagerly waiting for the release of rn'Sye Raa'. Even Kalyan Babai has been promoting the flick'.

Harishrn Shankar believes Varun Tej is an Actor who is capable of crossing rnlanguage barriers. He informed about his plans to do a multi-lingual rnflick with the Mega Hero in the near future.
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