I Don't Hold Grudge On Balakrishna!

Ram Gopal Varma has patiently answered the questions raised by the Journalists during the trailer launch of Lakshmi's NTR.

Varma revealed, 'I met Balakrishna to discuss about NTR Biopic sometime ago.  My idea of NTR biopic is different from that of his idea. I always wanted to make the biopic on NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. So, The project hasn't materialised due to creative differences'.  

The Filmmaker, however, clarifies he neither holds grudge on Balakrishna nor made Lakshmi's NTR to satisfy his ego. He clarified there is no political agenda behind the subject preferred by him.

To the question if he received any threats, Varma told: 'I received threats from those who take part in TV Debates. I believe those who warn won't hurt you and those who hurts you doesn't issue any warning'.

To the query 'Many People are curious to watch Lakshmi's NTR. Was it because of Chandrababu Naidu's role or Lakshmi Parvathi's character?’, RGV replied: 'Many memorable incidents happened from August crisis till the death of NTR. Many Individuals are involved in the incidents happened at that time. They might be friends or enemies or could be in different positions. Curiosity isn't because of one individual, but everything in totality'.