Hyderabadi Family needing community support

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In Loving Memory Of Druhil Parikh.

On August 12th 2019, Our beloved friend Druhil Parikh (Age 36, Richmond, VA) has passed away. For over two years Druhil had been fighting with multiple complexities: - Chronic Hepatitis -B, Cirrhosis of Liver, Hepatocellular Cancer and Tuberculosis. All these problems affected his liver, later spread to his other Organs and they were beating him to death day by day.  

He was diagnosed to a stage where there are no words to describe his pain, even at this stage he had courageously put up a great fight. This heartbreak was felt by so many.  

Druhil comes from a Middle Class Family who was born and bought up in Hyderabad. He finished his bachelor's degree from Vathsalya Institute of Science & Technology, Bhongiri. He later moved to US to pursue his dreams and finished his master degree from City College Of New York, NYC.  

For a person who lost his mother in his childhood, Druhil knew how important a family is. He created a beautiful family with sheer hard work, he was an incredibly devoted husband to his wife - Rujuta and was an amazing father to their adorable son - Taksh (4 Years Old).  

This tragic loss has put his family into a state of shock and shattered all their happiness. Left behind a son, who has no knowledge of why his father doesn't not wake up. A wife, who has no clue of how to let her son know that his father is never going to come back.  

Moments before his passing away, he sent a last note to all his friends saying "It's my time to go. It was really nice knowing you all. You were all like my other family. My body is just tired. I wish I had more time to spend with you all. Love you all." and that tore our hearts out.

People who had the good fortune of knowing Druhil, would know he was truly a "great guy" for so many reasons. Optimistic even when times are tough, devout, incredibly selfless - always giving to the helpless and those of less fortunate.

It is very unlikely of Druhil and Rujuta's character to ask for help, so we are doing it for them - several people have already asked how they can offer support for the Parikh's family. And with the outstanding health bills that the family is owed for his treatment and medical care for last two years, has just made their situation horrendous.  

Druhil couldn't work since past two years due to his condition and his wife (who was previously homemaker) had to start working in a small part time job to support them.  

Their family needs support in coping up with outstanding bills and an uncertain future in these difficult times.  

Kindly support this family in need by donating online (CLICK HERE) using the links below.  

Contributing (CLICK HERE) to this fund is the most useful form of support we all can offer.  

Money raised will go straight towards his family expenses and resources to help them in any which way. CLICK HERE to Donate.  

A small contribution (CLICK HERE) to this page not only provides tangible help, but exemplifies your faith in Druhil and his family during this incredibly difficult times.  

Many Thanks for your kind help. Please CLICK on this GoFundMe Link to Contribute.  


Druhil's Family and Friends.


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