Hyderabad - World's Most Dynamic City!

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Hyderabad out-shined 129 Cities across the globe to emerge as World's Most Dynamic City. As per the JLL's City Momentum Index 2020,  Bengaluru which topped the chart last year slipped to second position due to much better real estate market in Hyderabad.

Other Indian Cities in the Top 20:

Chennai - 5; Delhi - 6; Pune - 12; Kolkata - 16 and Mumbai - 20

Hyderabad managed Highest Office Net Absorption in 2019 compared to any other city in the World. It received 17 percent of India's total Office Net Absorption last year. Delhi and Bengaluru got 9 percent and 8 percent respectively.

Hyd is ahead of other cities when it comes to demography, business atmosphere and innovation. Presence of Tech-Giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook; Urban Infrastructure and much improved Micro-Mobility fetched a better score for Hyderabad.

Telangana Government's 'Look East Policy' (LEAP) meant to develop the eastern part of the city is helping in avoiding congestion. In addition, Telangana Cool Roof Programme is a measure to face environment challenges.
Minister KTR is thrilled with such a huge achievement. He feels Hyderabad is now on par with Shenzhen and Shanghai in innovation economy.

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