Hyd Filmmaker's Most Shocking Theory On Rape

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Daniel Sharavan, a Hyderabad-based filmmaker, has come up with a bizarre theory on rape. According to him, Rape isn't a serious thing but murder is inexcusable..."Avoid Killing After Rape". Society and Women Organizations are the main reasons for the evil thinking of the Rapists. If Courts and Govt give an excuse for Rape, Rapists wouldn't get thoughts of Murder after Rape.

Mr. Daniel blames Society and Women Organizations for the Rape and Murder of Hyderabad Doctor Disha. He went on to say, 'Legalizing 'Rapes without Violence' is the only way to control these type of brutal deaths. Rapists won't be cruel if 'just rape' is ignored by the society, court and women organizations'.

This Filmmaker believes Rape is better than Murder but Murder is a sin and Crime Rape is a corrective punishment. He doesn't mind commenting that either Nirbhaya Act or Priyanka Act won't bring any change and even advised Women to carry condoms so that they could offer them to the rapists to protect themselves.

At the time when there was a huge uproar over the brutal rape and murder of Hyderabad Doctor, Daniel Sharavan left everyone who voiced their opinion on the brutal incident in a state of shock with his bizarre theory. What's shocking is that he didn't find any fault with the rapists who scripted a plan, sexually violated a woman and set her ablaze.
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