Huzur Nagar To Benefit From By-Elections Win?

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KCR held a meeting after winning the Huzur Nagar elections with a huge majority. He thanked the voters for Huzur Nagar for voting them. He described this win as the public's trust in the government.

For registering a famous win the byelections TRS chief has announced huge schemes for the constituency. He has announced 2o lakhs fo every Panchayat, 30 lakhs for every Mandal and 25 crores and 15 crores for Huzur Nagar municipality and Neredu Chella municipality respectively.

Polytechnic College, Tribal Residential College, Banjara Bhavan at Huzur Nagar, Revenue Division office, E.S.I office worth 100 crores were also announced by KCR.

He also said that all the promises will be fulfilled and all the required G.Os will be released. By conducting "Praja Darbar" the problems in the Nalgonda district will be solved. During his next visit to Huzur Nagar, he will visit John Pahad Darga and Mattapalli Srilakshmi Narayana Swamy temple.

While recalling the fact that he worked as a Drought Minister during the reign of Late CM NTR in 1997 he became nostalgia. He explained all the development schemes he did in 1997. With this visit, Huzur Nagar public was happy as they will be getting new facilities. Thanks for the victory of Huzur Nagar.
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