Telangana Elections To Cost A Bomb?

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With winning the Huzur Nagar elections TRS party has created a record by winning with a huge majority. Even the TRS party was not sure of winning this seat as this is a sitting seat for Congress. Congress never lost Huzur Nagar's seat before this.

TRS chief KCR felt very happy for the victory and announced various development plans and funds for the constituency. His meeting after the election win conveyed how happy he was with the victory.

It has been reported that the candidates have spent Rs. 10 crores to 15 Crores each. Reportedly, the ruling party has spent almost 30 crores for the byelections. Which is almost highest in the country in a single constituency.

This election showed us how many can change the fate of the elections. If the reports are to be believed, MLAs and MPs are fearing of the money they have to spend in the coming future.

As long as the voters cast their votes for money and the gifts they receive, we cannot expect a good leader and governance.
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