Hrithik Roshan's Sister In Love With a Married Man?

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According to few reports from Bollywood news portals, the Hrithik Roshan vs Kangana Ranaut battle took a new turn.

The actor's sister, Sunaina Roshan who became the center of the issue now, actually fell for a married man, it seems.

The man is said to be rejected by Roshans as he is a muslim. But one of the close family members stated to the news portals that Ruhail Amin, a journalist from Kashmir, is a married man.

He also told that he never wants to publicly acknowledge Sunaina and his relationship. The journalist also disses Bollywood and the film personalities, it seems.

The source went onto say that Sunaina blinded by love is unable to listen to reason and feeling that the parents are looking undermine her and hence he took help of Ranaut sisters who are waiting for such an opportunity to drag the family to tethers.

On the other hand, Rangoli Chandel, sister of Kangana Ranaut received 4 summons from court to appear before judge for defamation case against them filed by Adithya Pancholi, god father and rumoured to be first boyfriend, who sexually abused Kangana Ranaut.

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