Hrithik Named World's Most Handsome Man

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Hrithik Roshan has been named as the Most Handsome Man in the World by a US-based Agency. He was rated better than Chris Evans, David Beckham and Robert Pattinson.

Here is the first reaction of Hrithik on the secret for his good looks after being recognized as World's Most Handsome Man: 'It's broccoli..Just kidding!'.

The 'Super 30' Star told he is thankful for the title but doesn't seen it as an achievement. Why because, He believes Character is something one should aspire for and value the most in the World. According to him, Possessing a good character always makes one look more attractive.

With his classy reaction, Hrithik Roshan established himself as a man who values character over good looks any day. It's really inspiring to see a Star like our Greek God!

'War' is the upcoming flick of Hrithik Roshan. In this action entertainer, He shares screen space with his die-hard fan Tiger Shroff.

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