How the 19-year old Indian origin Ruth George was sexually assaulted and killed in the US?

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Prosecutors say 26-year-old Donald Thurman followed, & repeatedly tried to talk to murdered UIC student Ruth George, before grabbing her by the neck, placing her in a chokehold and throwing her into the backseat of her car early Saturday morning.

A 19-year-old Indian-American student was sexually assaulted and then strangulated to death at the University of Illinois in Chicago on 23 November. The suspect appeared before the court on Tuesday and was ordered to be held without bail.

Prosecutor James Murphy said Thurman began following the victim because he "thought she was pretty" and wanted to talk to her. George did not respond to his catcalls and continued to walk from the campus to the parking garage. The assailant followed her to the garage and held her in a chokehold until she passed out. He then dragged her to the back seat of her car and proceeded to sexually assault her. He then left her on the car seat.
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