How Will Rajamouli Balance NTR and Ram Charan Characters?

SS Rajamouli did not just take two mass heroes and massive stars in Ram Charan and Jr. NTR but also took characters of two unforgettable Telugu Freedom Fighters, whose fighting style and revolutionary spirit is still taught as history lessons for many Telugu youngsters.

So, him balancing two characters and two mass star actors images and their fans expectations is a huge thing. But the director expressed confidence and said, "he is prepared for all of that!"

He also remarked, ' We need to define a multi-starrer properly. I don't want to lose the soul of my story for a screenplay that will be accommodating silly rules like one fight for Ram Charan, one fight for Jr. NTR

One song for Ram Charan and one song for Jr. NTR. I am going to balance their screen times and screen presence with strong characters. Their emotions should rule the story and audience should forget that they are watching Ram Charan and Jr. NTR.

When I got the confidence that I have such scenes and such screenplay, I took up this challenge. Names of the stars will also appear in order of their appearance. How and who first? Watch it on the screens!

We are using VFX to add more photo reality to our sets and make everything authentic. The movie will be on large scale and as I always do, I will present these two freedom fighters as Superheroes and larger than life characters only. In fact even bigger than my usual,' smirked Rajamouli.  Let's watch the movie and decide how successful he will be?!