How Will Jagan Deal With The Legislative Council?

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Andhra Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy who is not happy with the problems created by the Legislative Council is in no mood to continue the Council after the upper house has sent the bills for the selection committee.

Even in the state Assembly, Jagan shared his opinion that continuing the house will just be a burden on the state and said he will abolish the upper house.

It has been widely reported that Jagan is holding discussions with the key leaders of the party on how about going with the abolishing of the Council. Jagan is taking inputs on the possibilities on this issue.

If the government opts to abolish the Council, the move has to pass through a lengthy process as the Council will be under the Centre. Once the Centre approves the bill then the bill will be tabled in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. After getting approved by both the houses, the Legislative Council will be abolished.

Talking about the possibilities of the Council being abolished, if the BJP party says ok to it, the bill might get passed in Lok Sabha as the saffron party enjoys a clear majority in the house.

After getting passed in Lok Sabha, the bill might not get passed in Rajya Sabha as there is no majority for the BJP party. In this final and third phase, the AP government might face a lot of problems.

Let's wait and see how the AP government tackles this tricky situation.
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