How TRS Used Social Media To Win Urban Voters?

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What is the secret of KCR and TRS success? High profile welfare schemes, the massive outreach programmes, better management strategies and KCR's oratorical skills.... These are all key reasons for the TRS success in the recent elections. But, there is one more very powerful weapon that the TRS has unleashed. This weapon is the social media. It is this social media that has blunted the opposition to the TRS among the youth and the educated. Initially, the educated section was opposed to the TRS, but through clever social media campaign, the TRS has managed to convince the urban voters that they should vote for the TRS.

The TRS has worked very hard to improve its social media profile. The party's IT wing has developed clever outreach strategies and planted effective social media content. In fact, KTR and Kavitha personally coordinated the work.

The TRS has over 10.99 lakh followers on the Facebook and over 2.55 lakh on the Twitter. Compare this to the 2.27 lakh subscribers of the Congress FB page and 2.81 lakh of the BJP. The Congress has 37,700 followers on Twitter, while the BJP has 27,300 followers. This shows the reach of the party. With 14.90 lakh followers, KTR is the most popular politician on Twitter. Kavitha as 7.33 lakh and Harish Rao has 5.70 lakh. In comparison, PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has just 44.660 followers. This outreach has helped the party to win over the urban and educated voters in a big way. 
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