How Ram Madhav Ironed Out Differences Between Swami, Laxman?

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The state BJP has now decided to plunge into welcoming Swami Paripurnananda, who had joined the party recently. Intially, the state BJP was silent about the Swami. Top BJP leaders like Dr K Laxman and Kishan Reddy have kept silent on Swami Paripurnananda. They did not issue any statement welcoming his arrival into the party. Also, there was certain coldness about their attitude.

A day after Swami joined the BJP, the BJP state leaders went to Delhi to meet Amit Shah to decide about the party tickets. However, they did not bother to meet Swamiji. Taking cue from them, several second and third level leaders refused to speak in favour of Swamiji.

Meanwhile, it is reliably learnt that Amit Shah specially spoke to Laxman and other leaders and told them to put the party interests first. He told them point blank that they should not just welcome him, but also work with him with full coordination. Meanwhile, party general secretary Ram Madhav rushed to Hyderabad. Though  he has ostensible come to attend the party’s constituency level workers meets, he  spoke to all important BJP leaders and ironed out their apprehensions about Swami's role in the Telangana  BJP. He told them that they should wholeheartedly welcome the seer and that they should work in coordination with him. It is only after Ram Madhav's intervention that the local BJP leaders have opened up their gates on Swami Paripurnananda.

It may be recalled that Ram Madhav played a key role in getting Swami Paripurnananda on board and he personally mediated Swami's entry into the party in the presence of Amit Shah.
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