How Kerala's Chako Reined In Delhi's Shiela?

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You may be a three-time Chief Minister and the daughter in law of once powerful Uma Shankar Dixit. You may even be very close to the Gandhi family. But, that does not give you any special right to do anything you want. Former Delhi CM Shiela Dixit has learnt this the hard way. With Delhi assembly elections barely a few months away, Shiela ji wanted to reorganise the Delhi unit of the Congress. She wanted to get rid of the dead wood and wanted to infuse new blood. Seeing that the Central leadership is in a disarray and is not taking quick decisions, she took the initiative and appointed 280 block-level observers of the party for Delhi state.

This naturally caused heartburn to rival groups within the party and three DCC chiefs have already questioned the decision of Shiela Dixit. They lodged complaint with party state observer for Delhi state PC Chako. The observer studied the issue and ruled that what Shiela ji did was wrong. "Though you are a senior party leader of great standing, you cannot arbitrarily appoint observers on your own. This is unbecoming of you, said Chako in a letter to Shiela Dixit.

Shiela, who expected accolades to come her way, was disappointed. According to party sources, she is in a fix not knowing what to do with the fresh appointees. She can neither remove them nor keep them. She cannot either oblige the high command or defy it.
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