How KCR Got Opportunity To Get Close To BJP Again

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In passing of the RTI bill in Rajya Sabha, the TRS has found a window of opportunity to mend fences with the BJP at the Centre. Soon after the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP, which got a massive majority, has turned cold towards the TRS. KCR could not attend the swearing - in of Narendra Modi and Modi did not find time to take part in the inauguration of the Kaleswaram project. Even the Central ministers on tour to Telangana were careful enough not to praise the TRS government. To add to KCR's woes, the state unit of the BJP has stepped up its criticism of the TRS government.  As if this was not enough, there were IT raids on the residences and offices of MyHome Rameshwara Rao, who is known to be quite close to KCR.

So, when the BJP wanted to get the RTI bill passed, he called up KCR seeking his support. KCR, who was waiting for this opportunity, immediately accepted it and said his party MPs will support the bill. They reversed their stand and voted with the BJP. Similarly, with the triple Talaq Bill too, the TRS is trying to toe the BJP line. Instead of openly backing the bill, it will simply abstain from voting. Thus, it will indirectly help the BJP. KCR is dying to get pally with the BJP again and is not ready to lose any opportunity  that is available to him. Hence, he has openly sided with the BJP on the RTI act.