How Did MP Sex Scam Come To Light?

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They got close to politicians, trapped them with their looks. After befriending them, they sent beautiful young women to these politicians. The politicos fell for the trap. As they got physical with the girls, the kingpins silently clicked the videos. Soon, the politicians began getting calls demanding money. The message was terse. Pay up or your video would be made public.

Most politicians had no option but to shell out huge amounts to these two ladies. Today, this l'affire Honey Trap is the talk of the town in Madhya Pradesh. There are politicians of all hues - from the BJP as well as the Congress - in this scam. The political boat is rocked in the state.

But, how did this scam come to light in the first place? How these two woman politicians were busted? The police say the change of the government in Madhya Pradesh has upset the calculations of these two lynchpins. They wanted to collect huge sums and leave the business once and for all. So, they offered all the videos for Rs 30 crore. Since no one wanted to buy all the videos, they later changed their strategy and started selling sets of videos for Rs 6 to Rs 7 crore. It was in this attempt that their silent operations became public and rumours began floating in the political and bureaucratic circles. That was how BJP leader Shwetha Vijay Jain's name came to light.  Her comeuppance came when a woman she used to trap an engineer was arrested. The Engineer, who was blackmailed, approached the police, who arrested the woman. During interrogation, she spilled beans and the whole racket came to be exposed.


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