His Absence at Modi Meet Made News

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Count on KCR to grab the headlines without doing anything. The other day, he made news by not attending the meeting of the chief ministers of the Naxalite-affected states. At a time when even the opposition leaders are finding it difficult to go against the government, KCR has skipped the meet. Interestingly, even Modi's arch enemy Mamta Banerji could not gather courage to oppose Modi and Amit Shah. But, KCR not just gave a miss to the all -important meet, but also sent his home minister to the meeting in his place.

While no reason is being offered for skipping of the meet, the incident shows the growing chasm between the BJP and KCR. At a time when even opponents are swallowing their pride to sail with the Government, KCR gave the programme a miss. Not just that, he had also not given any valid reason for doing it. Sources say this could prove counter-productive for him. But, yet others gloat over his political sagacity and his strong-willed nature. He did what many other would have wanted to do. But could not.

But there are some who are critising KCR for not attending the meeting, which is strategically very important.  They feel he should have come and attended the programme. All these point out to the growing differences between the two leaders. KCR did not invite Modi for the inauguration of Kaleshwaram project. Let's see where will all these lead to.
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