Hindupur Fight: One Seat, Two Claimants In YSRCP

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The next elections are four years away. But, the competition has already begun for leadership of the YSRCP in Hindupur assembly constituency. Two leaders of the YSRCP are vying for the position. They feel that if they are declared party's incharge for constituency, they can get the party ticket for the next elections. The leaders are Navin Nischal and Mohammad Iqbal. While Navin contested the elections in 2014 and lost to actor and Chandrababu's brother-in-law Balakrishna, Iqbal contested this time and lost to Balakrishna again.

In fact, Hindupur is one seat that bucked the pro-YSRCP trend. Balayya Babu managed to win the elections even though the party lost most other seats. But, Balayya Babu may not be lucky next time. Hence, these two YSRCP leaders feel that they can win next time. Hence the competition. They feel that if they get the post of party of the party coordinator, they can have their say in transfers and postings. They can also control the party affairs.

YS Jagan has promised Mohammad Iqbal that he would be given an MLC post. So, Navin Nischal is demanding that he be given the post of party coordinator. Iqbal too wants the same post for himself. Navin Nischal has been with the YSRCP for the last nine years and has worked hard for the party. He even forsook his claim and allowed Iqbal to be given the ticket in the just concluded election. He had also worked for Iqbal during the elections.  But, he is not ready to make similar sacrifices this time.

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