High Tension in Amaravati With Farmers Continue to Protests

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The public of Guntur and Krishna districts hit the roads to stage protests opposing the decision of Chief Minister Jagan on his idea to have three capitals for the decentralization of development.

With the protests becoming violent, demanding the government to shift the capital from here, the farmers of the capital region have blocked all the roads in the region. The protests have reached its sixth day by today.

Women and children have also participated in the dharnas staged at the capital villages. Women in large numbers have participated in the protests at Uddandarayunipalem, where PM Modi has laid the foundation stone for the construction of Amaravati during the regime of Chandrababu Naidu.

The Police have established picketing in the 29 villages of the Capital region. This news did not go well with the farmers who are staging protests. Police are allowing everyone who is passing in the Secretariat route after checking their ID cards and noting their vehicle numbers.
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