High Power Committee Meets AP CM Jagan

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High Power Committee met AP CM Jagan at his camp office in Amaravati’s Tadepalle village in Friday to take a final decision on the capital issue. The committee members already held three meetings. The issues of Amaravati farmers, and the objections raised by them, shifting of secretariat employees.

The members of the High Power Committee has briefed Chief Minister Jagan on what are the strategies to address the problems of Amaravati farmers. The Committee is expected to submit the report before 20 January. This may be the last meeting, so some important decisions might be taken in the meeting.

In the meetings held earlier, High power Committee submitted JN Rao Committee report and the Boston Consultancy Committee report. In the second meeting, the issue of farmers and how to do justice to farmers and shifting of Secretariat employees was discussed. In the third meeting, how to develop state capital regions was discussed.

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