CLP Merger Case: When Is The Verdict Expected?

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The hearing in the case pertaining to the merger of the Congress Legislature Party into the TRS legislature party has begun on Thursday. The court has issued notices to the TRS and the Speaker.

But only one key question remains. When will the verdict come? What if the hearing takes years and the verdict comes well after the term is over? It is a fact that several earlier mergers of similar nature have been declared null and void. Will this merger too meet the same fate? But, the only hitch is about the lengthy legal process. TRS leaders are confident that by the time the verdict is out , the term would be long over and the verdict would have little relevance. Another important question is - will Speaker and the TRS respond immediately or will they wait till another notice is served. If they resort to delaying tactics, what will happen to the case? Those in the know say, the hearing could go on till the end of this term.