High Court Serves Notices to AP Deputy CM

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In a quick turn of events, the High Court has served notices to AP Deputy CM Pamula Pushpa Srivani. A plea was filed against her stating that, she has won the MLA seat by using an invalid caste certificate.

Following this, the High Court has sent notices to her. Congress candidate N Simhachalam and BJP Candidate N Jayaraj have appealed to the court challenging her election win. In the election affidavit, she declared her case as Konda Dora and submitted a caste certificate too.

In the petition filed in the High Court, it is mentioned that Pamula Satyanarayana, father of Pushpa Srivalli hails from TD Parapuram village of Srikakulam and later moved to Doramamidi village of Buttayagudem in West Godavari. In the MPP school register at TD Parapuram Narayanamurthy’s caste is registered as "Konda".

The petitioners said that the Konda caste is not notified as SC caste. Pushpa Srivani has contested from the Kuru Pam constituency of Vijayanagaram District and won the elections. The seat was registered for the ST candidate.
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