Hefty Traffic Fines: KTR Defends, KCR Opposes!

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During a recent media interaction, Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao justified the hefty traffic fines imposed as per the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019. He stressed Commuters should have a sense of fear and responsibility. 'What's wrong about imposing fine on those who violate traffic rules? I think people should have civic sense and behave responsibly,' he commented.

Contrary to the views expresssed by KTR, CM K Chandrasekhar Rao didn't hesitate to say new Motor Vehicle Act introduced by Centre won't be implemented in Telangana. 'This Govt isn't in a hurry to implement the new Act. He informed about the Panel to be formed to study the Motor Vehicle Act before implementing it.

By doing so, KCR pushed the BJP which is facing the wrath of public for hefty fines into defence. TRS Government might be having a refined version of Motor Vehicle Act.

Whatever the reasons might be, Commuters in Telangana breathed a sigh of relief with the statement issued by the Chief Minister in Assembly. They are now confident that State Government will focus on reducing the fines.

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