Heart travels 1400 km to save a life, thanks to Green Corridor

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Even in traffic, to travel 22 km it takes 40min to travel, that time may increase up to one hour if there is heavy traffic. Just imagine an ambulance carrying organ getting stuck like this.

To avoid that, a Green Corridor is created. A green corridor was provided from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Fortis Hospital in Okhla for transportation of a heart, that was brought from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. A distance of 22.5 km was covered in 19.5 minutes from the airport to the hospital.

A green corridor is demarcated, cleared out special road route created for an ambulance that enables harvested organ(s) meant for transplant to reach the destined hospital. The objective is to ensure that the in-transit organ arrives at its destination in the shortest time possible.
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