Hate Crime Against Indian Girl Shocks NRIs In USA

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USA is slowly becoming a nation for world to be afraid off. Not because of the terrorist groups but because of the paranoia that rise in Terrorism around the world has caused in the minds of US citizens.

While muslims have been facing such hate crimes against them and now, Indians have also been included in the communities that could be subjected to such hate crimes.

In California, El Camino area, a young girl and her family got hit by an American army veteran from Iraq while they were crossing the road.

He, Isaiah Joel Peoples, thought Drithi Narayanan and her father, brother has muslims and with his Toyota Carolla hit them while they were crossing the road.

He was carrying a shotgun with him and police charged him for attempt to murder and also with hate crime charges.

Drithi is now in coma has doctors had to remove a part of her skull to reduce pressure on her brain and bleeding. The incident happened on 23rd April and many NRIs are completely flabbergasted by this.

Drithi needed USD 500,000 to survive but her family did not have such money. So, they created an account on GoFundMe and more 12,360 people from US and around the world helped them.

The family collected USD 600,000 in one week and they are trying to save Drithi from Coma. One war for oil caused whole world to fear another human being!

We have to pray for people like Drithi and all of us too, as we can never be sure about who will come up against us thinking we are going kill them!

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