Has YSRCP's Big Journalist Team Failed In Kia-Reuters Affair?

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The Kia Motors incident has once again showed the weakness of the YSRCP media establishment. The huge media establishment, set up by the YSRCP using several senior journalists, appears to look completely lost and out of colour dealing with crises such as Kia Motors. The biggies appointed in Amaravati and Delhi looked utterly helpless, while the TDP used such reputed organisation like the Reuters to spread wrong information of Kia's shifting to Tamil Nadu.

Interestingly, though the ED and the IT are after the key leaders of the TDP and the IT has been raiding former CM Chandrababu's ex-PA and Lokesh Babu's best buddy for the past three days, there is no reportage of this in the national media. This shows the ineffectiveness of the YSRCP media establishment and the perception management skills of the TDP elite.

The Reuters since has deleted its tweet wherein it wrongly reported that the Kia Motors was shifting to Tamil Nadu. However, the YSRCP media wing has completely failed to establish the links between the TDP establishment and the Reuters. It was left to stray and unorganised YSRCP supporters to expose this link. On February 23, 2017, the then Chandrababu Naidu government has entered into an agreement with the Reuters under the E-Pragathi programme. The contract had actor Balakrishna's son-in-law Bharat as a partner. The contract was worth Rs 270 crore. There were several questions like why were there no tenders called for this contract and what were the services that the Reuters offered. Unfortunately, none of these questions were raised by the YSRCP government's media establishment.

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