Haryana Congress MLAs Fight Again

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Haryana Congress MLAs fight againCongress, it appears, will never learn from its mistakes. It was the infighting and internecine squabble that has done in the Congress in the recent elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. Had the Congress been united, it would have replaced the BJP in Haryana. The BJP got 41, while the Congress got 31. While the BJP was more or less united, the Congress was divided into various factions, each trying to pull down the other.

Even after the elections, it seems the party has not learnt any lesson. On Friday, the Haryana Congress MLAs met to elect the CLP leader. Ghulam Nabi Azad was the observer. The Congress MLAs were deeply divided into two factions. The faction led by former CM Bhupinder Hooda got 24 votes, while the group led by former CLP leader Kiran Chowdary got seven votes. This showed the deep schism in the Congress. Every effort made by the Congress seniors to elect a leader unanimously failed. Even as the election process was on, the MLAs of both the factions criticised one another and resorted to verbal abuse. The seniors like Ghulam Nabi and Madhusudhan Mistry had tough time controlling the members.

For the last one year, the Congress party in Haryana has been a divided house. The party was divided into three factions, led by Bhupinder Hooda, Kumari Selja and Ashok Tanwar. It was only before the elections that the Congress high command has given a free hand to Bhupinder Hooda.
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