Race Between Two Young Directors For That Hindi Film!

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Sudheer Varma established as a solid director with Swamy Ra Ra, Keshava but his writing attracted criticism in all his movies.

So, a good script can be entrusted to him for a decent and technically sound film. After Ranarangam flop result, he could be looking out for scripts for two or three films for proving himself again.  

He is now in talks for Andhadhun remake in Telugu with Nithiin it seems. Also, Harish Shankar is asked about the remake it seems.  

Both have been given few details about the script and changes that Nithiin loves to make to the original, to fit his body language. He bought the rights for more than 3.5 crores, which is huge for any Hindi film.

Harish proved himself with remake of Dabangg as Gabbar Singh and he is trying to make a hit film again with Jigarthanda remake, Valmiki. After Duvvada Jagannadam, he received so much criticism that he couldn't launch two projects and finally, got this one going.

Movie shoot is wrapped up on 4th September and it will release on 20th September.

We have to wait and see, who will get the final go ahead for making the film.

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