Harish Rao Express His Cconcerns On The Quality Oof Education

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In spite of various steps taken by the governments, the quality of education is still not up to the mark as expected by the public and government. Recently, an inspection officer from Jammu has fired two teachers who failed to read a para from an English textbook. This raised many concerns about the quality of the education students are receiving from government schools.

One more shocking incident took place in Telangana where the Telangana Finance Minister Harish Rao was shocked after knowing that the students were taught only till the 9th table. The incident took place at the Kandi government school in the Sangareddy District.

Going into detail, Harish Rao conducted an unexpected inspection at the school to check how the students were taught. He asked a student to tell the 10th table. To this, the student replied I know till only 9th table and i can't say 10th table.

The Minister has asked four students to tell the 10th table and no students were able to tell the table. This made him furious on the Head Master and the Principal over the education pattern in the schools.

Post that inspection he went to an event held by Telangana Recognised School Management Association( TRSM). Speaking at the event he expressed his concerns over the students spending more and more time on social media.

"Students should not get addicted to social media. The schools also should not pressurize the students on getting ranks. Teachers should teach students about rules and regulations from an early age. They will learn values at the student level," Harish Rao said.
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