Harish Rao Demands Apology From News Daily

T Harish Rao responded seriously over the report published by a news daily saying the Siddipet MLA is planning to join BJP anytime soon. Towards the end of the article, The media house mentioned that it's an April Fool Joke. This news went viral on social media and people began doubting the loyalty of Harish Rao towards TRS.  

The Former Minister took to his Social Media handle to vent out his anguish: 'The news carried out by a reputed media outlet is a classic example of  #FakeNews. It's insensitive to spread disinformation, even as a prank, specially at a time when the whole country has been fighting against fake news'.  

An appeal was made to the media outlets by Harish Rao not to resort to such pranks. He also demanded the daily which spread the Fake News to issue an apology Tomorrow on the same page.

With his strong reaction, Harish Rao has once again showed how committed he  is as a TRS Party Member. This clarification offers huge relief for the Ruling Party Activists.