Harish Rao Asked To Work Only In Siddipet

One major change in Telangana from the Assembly elections and the Lok Sabha elections is the total eclipse of Harish Rao. During the assembly elections held some six months ago, Harish Rao was everywhere. He was in charge of Medak district and was specially tasked to defeat Congress biggies like Ravanth Reddy, Gadwal DK Aruna, Jana Reddy and Komatireddy. He has achieved all those tasks with aplomb. But, soon after the elections, Harish Rao's stock has fallen. He has not been made a minister and has been asked to be confined to Medak district alone.

Later, some MLAs and other leaders tried to meet Harish Rao. But, KTR firmly told them that they should henceforth contact only Kavitha and KTR and none else.  After these clear instructions, even those MLAs, who are close to Harish, have stopped calling on Harish Rao. Today, even party workers and sympathisers are afraid of meeting him.

In case of the Lok Sabha elections, he has been asked to confine himself to his assembly segment and that he should not campaign anywhere else in Medak district. Thus, Harish Rao's decimation is complete. His news items are being blocked in the pro-TRS media and his programmes are not being telecast. Even within the party, no one is visiting him. Sources close to Harish say that Harish could meet KCR only one one or two occasions after the assembly elections.