Guwahati Ground Staff Used Hairdryers, Netizens Trolled BCCI

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In an attempt to save the first T20I between India and Srilanka, ground staff used the hairdryer and the steam iron to dry off the patches on the pitch. The wet pitch became major hindrance even hours after the rain stopped.

The usage of the hairdryer to repair the pitch invited criticism from netizens. Pictures of hairdryer and steam iron were widely shared on social media and they even ed the organisers for not being prepared to host an international match. BCCI is considered as one of the wealthiest cricket board.

One user wrote on Twitter saying the richest and the most powerful cricket board in the world, using a hairdryer to try and dry the pitch.

Another user wrote, How the hell didi water leak on the pitch. Which era is this? And asked what is the BCCI doing?  


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