Mother-In-Law's Affair With Her Sons-In-Law Leads To Death Of Two

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In a shameful act that took place in the Veldurti Mandal of Guntur District, a woman developed an extramarital affair with her son-in-law, who was married to her daughters.

A resident of that village was married and has two daughters. Both her daughters were married and sent to their in-laws long back. In a turn of events, she developed an extramarital affair with her sons-in-law. Sons-in-law used to come to her regularly and spend time with her. Her husband got a doubt on her and warned her to change her behavior. But she didn't change her behavior.  Fearing that if the villagers get to know the news, it will be shameful for the reputation he committed suicide.

After knowing the news, Avula Srinivas, a relative of the husband advised the wife to quit the affair and not to spoil the lives of her daughters.

The woman thought Srinivas as a potential threat to her affair and made a plan for his murder. On August 9th, Srinivas was murdered by her sons-in-law. With the complaint given by Wife of Srinivas, Avula Sugunamma, the woman and her sons-in-law were arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the accused are threatening Avula Sugunamma to take back the case or else she will also be killed. So she went to SP seeking help and requested to provide her security. For her happiness, she developed an affair that leads to the death of her husband and an innocent person who gave her advice.

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