Governor's Delhi Visit: Another Headache For KCR

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Despite a massive majority in the assembly and the lack of any credible opposition, things are not going the way CM KCR has planned. The over confidence with which he tried to snuff out the RTC strike has proved to be counter-productive. The RTC employees have not just hardened their stance, but even vowed to intensify their strike. KCR is now caught in a cleft stick like situation.  On one hand, the political heat is rising due to the Huzurnagar ypolls. On the other hand, the RTC employees are proving to be tough nuts to crack. The strike is also turning out to be a big headache for KCR.

To add to his woes, Governor Tamilisai's sudden visit to Delhi has unnerved the TRS ranks. Governor has met both PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and apprised them of the situation arising out of the RTC strike. She is said to have told the PM that KCR's adamant attitude was responsible for the sorry state of affairs. She is believed to have told the PM and the Home Minister that had KCR taken right steps, the situation could not have arisen.

Tamilisai's sudden visit to Delhi has queered the pitch for both KCR and the TRS government. Now the government is trying to find an honourable exit out of this crisis. It wants to have some king of face saving formula to solve this strike. But, the RTC employees are said to be sticking to their guns. It remains to be seen how the issue gets solved.

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