Telangana RTC Workers Get A New Hope

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Telangana RTC worker's strike which is going on from sixteen days has taken a key turn. Reportedly, RTC workers are getting help from Telangana Governor Tamilisai. RTC workers are trying to figure out how to convince KCR to reverse his decision of dismissing workers who participated in the strike.

KCR has earlier made it clear that he is in no mood to have a meeting with the workers. Meanwhile, the Governor invited the workers and ensured them that she will talk with KCR about taking using rent buses. With the assurance coming from her, the workers are feeling a bit confident.

While talking with the workers, she told them not to consider suicide as an option and advised the JAC workers to inculcate courage in the workers. This will leave a positive note.

The TRS government cannot ignore her ideas and suggestions and following her ideas and if they follow her ideas, KCR's decision has to be reversed. The present situations will help BJP, which is trying to expand its reach in Telangana. Let us see how KCR responds to this.

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