Gopichand Says That Producers Had No Other Way!

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Gopichand Thota never made harsh comments on any person and he doesn't have a reputation for behaving badly or rudely with any technician. But he is being grilled on social media by few as his film is coming around the same time as Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.

The actor said in a recent interview that due to his accident while performing a stunt on sets producers had to fix Dasara as the perfect date for their film, Chanakya.

He said that before he could collect himself and try to control the bike during the day of accident, the incident happened in matter seconds.

He explained that after shooting for all the risky stunts on the last day they had to shoot a simple shot that involves him grabbing a bike that is already on the raise and escape from the people chasing him.

As the bike was already troubling he did try to control it and end the shot quickly but he couldn't. Had he left the bike and looked for safety, cameramen would have been severely injured.

So, he tried his best to avoid any damage. Still, accident cost the team two months of shoot time and the injury aggravated as they were shooting in a remote area from Jaipur.

They had to travel 3 hours to Jaipur for a good hospital. He wished all the luck to his Chanakya and Sye Raa teams for Dasara success at the box office. We do too!

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