Google Writes Letter To US To Follow India

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The Indian government led by Narendra Modi is making every effort to transform India into a digital direction. The smartphone-based payment app Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has been introduced. It is currently the best in online payment systems in India. However, the US government is also trying to make a digital payment system available under the name FedNew. To this end, Google's vice president of consumer affairs wrote a letter to the US central bank. The letter referred to the UPI, which was a tremendous success in India. It was suggested that FedNow be developed on the basis of UPI. After careful analysis of all aspects, the Government of India has introduced the UPI and This is why it is a huge success in India.

The letter, as it came out in the public domain caused cheers among Indian tech entrepreneurs since it is the first time an Indian technology standard is being pushed for adoption in the US.

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