Good Roads Causing Accidents: Deputy CM

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Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Govind Karjol came up with a new theory on the road accident. According to him, 'Road Accidents are happening due to good roads, not because of bad roads. Majority of the accidents happen on highways'.

Govind Karjol declared 10,000 road accidents are happening in Karnataka per year. 'Media complains road mishaps are happening due to bad roads but that's not something I believe. It's because of good roads,' he says.

Deputy CM told he doesn't support the idea of levying hefty Traffic Fines. He informed that decision on the reduction of fines will be taken during the cabinet meeting.

As per the new Motor Vehicle Act, Penalty for Drunk Driving has been increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. Using Mobile while driving can attract a challan of Rs 5,000. Driving without Helmet and Seat-Belt could cost you Rs 1,000.

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