Get Ready For My Swearing-In Ceremony: PK

Pawan Kalyan declared he will be taking oath as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2019. 'BJP ran away after promising Special Category Status. TDP has been indulging in business-based Politics. Rowdies have been becoming MLAs in Telugu Desam. Jana Sena won't support Telugu Desam which is protecting criminals. Chandrababu Naidu left the joint capital within few years. YCP Leaders lack the courage to demand BJP to accord Special Status. They fear CBI Raids,' he alleged.

Jana Sena Chief found fault with YCP for projecting him as TDP Partner - 'CPI, CPM and BSP are My Partners. Don't make false allegations just because you have TV and Newspaper. Why YCP hasn't been contesting in Telangana even when Jana Sena is doing it courageously? It shows that Jagan & KCR had an understanding. Why KCR is interfering in AP Politics? Why the Leader who abused Andhrites is coming here? If KCR wishes to offer Return Gift to Chandrababu Naidu, Let him contest on TRS Ticket in AP. We have no objection if you contest as per the democracy. Don't convert personal rivalry into fight between AP and Telangana'.

Seems like, Pawan Kalyan has realised the damage Jana Sena has to suffer if acts like a partner of TDP. This is why he changed his stand and maintaining equal distance with both TDP and YCP.