Are Gowru Couple Rejoining YSRCP?

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Is the YSRCP planning to allow those who left the party ahead of the elections due to various reasons? If sources are to be believed, the party is taking a lenient view of such people who left the party because they were denied ticket to contest. For instance, the Gauru family, which has always been loyal to the YSR, had left the party because they were denied party ticket to contest from Panyam in Kurnool district. The YSRCP gave the ticket to Katasani Rambhupal Reddy and Gauru Charitha and her husband Venkat Reddy joined the TDP. They joined the TDP because their close relative Mandra Sivananda Reddy got TDP ticket for Nandyal Lok  Sabha seat. They lost the elections and even Sivananda Reddy came a cropper.

But, this family was always with the YSR and were immensely helped by YSR. They share a special relationship with the YSRCP.  Even during the campaign, Sucharitha involuntarily shouted "Jai Jagan" and then corrected herself. Had they remained with the YSRCP, they would have got some respectable position in the party. Despite all these, YS Jagan is said to be quite positive about them and is all set to welcome them back into the party.

Sources said that the Gauru family has sent feelers to YS Jagan and Jagan responded favourably to their proposals. So, the couple might join the Telugu Desam anytime soon. More such re-entries could be possible in the coming days, say sources.
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