Ganta meeting with YSRCP leaders led to rumours

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TDP leader Ganta Srinivas Rao is a leader who hits the headlines with the rumours of him leaving the TDP party and joining other parties. Ever since the TDP party has lost the 2019 election cheaply by winning 23 seats, rumors erupted that he will soon leave the party.

On one hand, Gants is telling all the rumours of him leaving the party and baseless and the other hand he is is constant touch with the leaders of YSRCP and BJP parties. He can be barely seen in the activities of the TDP party.

Post the elections, Vallabheneni Vamshi and Maddali Giri had left the party cutting short the MLA count of the TDP party. Vamshi even asked the Assembly Speaker to treat him like a special candidate after TDP suspended him from the party.

Recently he met YSRCp leaders and the photos of him with YSRCP leaders and Congress leader T. Subbarami Reddy became viral on social media adding fuel to these rumours. We may have to wait a few more days to know whether these rumours are right or wrong.
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