GVL Sensational Comments On 3 Capitals

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AP CM Jagan in the Assembly said that the state might have three capital cities for better development and decentralization of the power. He said three capital cities will be for Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Talking about the same he said, "Decentralised (capital) is a good concept. South Africa has three capitals. We too should change. We may set up legislative capital here (Amaravati). We may constitute Assembly here. We may set up Executive capital at Visakhapatnam. Officials may start working from there. High court may be set up in Kurnool. Thus legislative, executive, and judicial capitals may be set up at different places. We are in a condition to think of different possibilities. Probably, Andhra Pradesh may get three capitals."

"That city has all facilities for employees to work. One metro rail is enough. We have to think seriously. For that sake, we already have constituted a committee. That committee is studying. It may submit its report within a week or 10 days. The committee is preparing a detailed report. We have to discuss in depth on it, take a good decision, and go ahead so that future generations will be benefitted," Jagan added.

Responding to the three capital decision, BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao took to Twitter to share his opinion. "Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan has made a statement today in the state assembly about his plans for the state capital. On 28th August, I had predicted in a Press Conference that the state government has plans for a new capital city. #Amaravati," read his Tweet.

The MP said more clarity is needed on this announcement from CM. He should make sure that all the regions are developed without causing loss to anyone.

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