GST Still Haunting RGV!

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Controversies are not a new thing to bohemian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma but none of his films affected him as 'GST' did. This eccentric director made a short documentary titled 'God, Sex and Truth' starring American pornographic actress Mia Malkova last year and uploaded it on the internet. This triggered a lot of female activists and landed Varma in neck-deep problems.

The cybercrime police who filed a complaint on him for promoting intimidation, vulgarity, obscenity, and violation of certain acts are now waiting for a detailed forensic report. Varma is accused of making personal comments on women rights activist Devi in a TV debate. His laptop was seized to get the whereabouts of the film's upload and he was also questioned by the police.

Varma is stating that the film was shot in Poland and he directed the film video conference. On the flip side, cybercrime police reached out to Twitter's office to get information about his deleted tweets but were detained because of privacy issues.

Despite all this chaos around him, he is getting ready with another controversial flick 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu', a political thriller. Looks like vodka and controversies are Varma's best friends and he couldn't stay without them.
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