Friends Record Video, Without Helping Their Friend, He Dies

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A horrifying video that shows a tragic incident has surfaced online. In the video, a bunch of men can be seen recording video, without helping him as their friend drowns in a pond

A group of men came to a pond for swimming. In the video, one man can be seen returning from the pond safely after swimming, after that, Jaffer Ayub, a 22-year youth, who hails from Kalaburagi district of Karnataka jumps into the pond. Upon reaching the surface, Ayub can be seen drowning as the hand lend by one of his friends could not help him.

The person who lent his hand has withdrawn his hand later as his remaining friends continue to record the visuals. Dispute of Ayub's struggle none of his friends went for his rescue.

It has been reported that Ayub's family is completely dependent on him, while his father is an alcoholic. His friends have denied giving statements to police, reportedly. This case was registered as an unnatural death.

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