What Nirav Modi, Mallya Should Learn From Sujana, CM Ramesh?

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Everyone knows the history of Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh and TG Venkatesh. The CBI, ED and other central agencies have fat dossiers on them. Sujana has taken loans right left and centre from various banks and swindled the money. He had to attend the questioning by these agencies. There were rumours that he could even be arrested and put behind the bars.

Ditto with CM Ramesh. He was known as Chandrababu's financial alter-ego. He was his Man Friday. He inflated figures, bagged contracts, outsourced the work to third party and made money. This is something that the TDP senior leaders themselves vouch for. Even TG Venaktesh's story is no different. He took huge loans in the name of business expansion. Today, these loans are turning into NPAs, according to sources in the TDP.

It is such questionable people who joined the BJP and no less a person than Amit Shah himself wrapped party stoles around their shoulders. The joke is that yesterday's economic offenders have become first rate patriots. The detractors are now asking the BJP to admit both Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya and turn them into patriots from economic offenders. The cases and the probes against them would be watered down and they can breathe easy like Sujana and CM Ramesh. Had they joined earlier, they would have been no need for them to run away from India.
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